The Story

Enter The Battle For the Future


In the future, energy is our most precious resource.  Both the Order and the Resistance desperately try to collect and conserve energy.

Your Battlesuit is your energy collection unit.  By tagging your opponents you steal and collect energy units.  When you first visit the arena you will be asked to choose your side, the Resistance or the Order. As you play your highest score points will tally towards your chosen faction, having a direct impact on the progress of the story.  Each week you can follow the story in our Mission Log below.

Which side will you choose?

From the control, we are the Resistance. Humanity’s greatest gift is its free will. The Order has stolen that from us. People cannot resist the Order’s instructions — and cannot speak out against them. They are controlled and have no choice of their own. Worse than that, they are being prepared for war.

From the chaos, we are the Order. The world has changed and we must change with it. Our technology has stopped the violence. It has stopped the gangs, the looters, the crime. We have brought peace.

Mission Log


Kamikaze stood, staring into the darkness of the train station, his mind busy with all the areas an Order sniper could hide. His team had already lost so much energy, they couldn’t afford to lose more. They were supposed to be heading back to base tonight, but the Commanders thought the Broadcast towers would be brought here, and Kamikatze knew they couldn’t pass up the chance to finally take a tower for themselves.

The armoured train sat across the train tracks, resting where it has screeched to a stop after plunging through the wall all that time ago. The Commanders were right – it would be a good spot for the Order to relocate a Broadcast Tower. It had stood abandoned for years with the exception of the occasional skirmish between Resistance and Order soldiers. Kamikatze motioned for his team to stay close, and stepped into the darkness, faser raised. The rubble crunched under his feet, the stagnant air hanging heavy with smoke.

Gladiator tapped on his shoulder, pointing to the armoured train. Flashlights danced across the interior. The Order’s soldiers were already here.  Kamikatze nodded, motioning his team to spread out. He crouched low and held the trigger of his faser until he heard the faint voice of his battle suit: ‘Rapid Fire activated’. Glancing over his shoulder to check his team was ready, Kamikatze snuck forward, moving up the ramp and into the train.