Standard Teams

How it works

This is our default mission for the general public. Players are divided into two-ten teams that wear different coloured battlesuits. Players should only Zap players of the opposite colour, as there may be a penalty for zapping a fellow team member. Players have unlimited shots and unlimited lives; thus it is not possible for players to be eliminated (unless the referee is unhappy with you).

When Zapped, a player is deactivated for six to eight seconds. During this time, the player’s phaser is inactive, but the player can still be Zapped, so seeking a safe hiding place is necessary. At the end of this down time, the player is reactivated and may return to the action.

Bonus points are awarded for destroying Broadcast Towers. To destroy a Broadcast Tower, the player must Zap it three times in a row without missing or being zapped themselves. Opposite colour (enemy) and neutral Broadcast Towers may be destroyed, while identical colour (friendly) Broadcast Towers should be defended from the opposing team.

Special points are accumulated by Zapping other players and destroying the Broadcast Towers. Special points are required to activate some of the advanced special abilities available in this mission. See the separate special abilities listed above.

Laser Turrents may be friendly, enemy or neutral, depending on their colour. Enemy and neutral Laser Turrents may be Zapped for bonus points, but beware, they will return fire. Friendly Laser Turrents should not be Zapped as this counts as Zapping a team member. Laser Turrents cannot be missiled.

Once a player zaps a Laser Turrent a number of times, the Laser Turrent becomes that player’s servant for one minute. During this time, the Laser Turrent will not try to Zap its master, and any points or special points scored by the Laser Turrent are awarded to the controlling player.

Each player can only control each Laser Turrent once.


  • After deactivating an opponent, a player cannot Zap that same opponent again unless either: the opponent reactivates, the player Zaps someone else, or the player activates a “Reset” special ability.
  • Special abilities become available only as the player increases their skill level. It is not possible for a player to change skill levels during a mission.
  • Each time a special ability is used, the requirements for it increase making it more difficult to obtain or more expensive to use the next time.
  • A high level player may need to Zap a low level player up to three times before they are deactivated.
  • High level players are more vulnerable to being Zapped while deactivated.
  • The “Missile” and “Nuke” special abilities affect only those opponents who are of a high enough level to possess the same ability.
  • Low level players are unable to Zap their own team members. High level players can, but receive a warning tone instead of a lock-on tone when targeting. The penalty for Zapping a team member is loss of points and deactivation. The Zapped player is not affected in any way.


Event Score Special Points
Zap opponent 100 + 10 x level diff. 1
Zap own team -50
Zap Laser Turrent 50
Missile opponent 500 + 100 x level diff. 2
Missile own team -250
Destroy Broadcast Tower 1001 5
Detonate Nuke 500
Take control of Laser Turrent 500