Sharp Shot

How it works

Low on ammo, accuracy counts! Each player starts with a limited number of Zaps. If you run out of Zaps, recharging takes between 10 and 15 seconds (depending on your level). If you fire and miss, you lose a Zap. If you Zap an opponent, you are awarded bonus Zaps.

You can destroy the towers once per mission, for bonus points and bonus Zaps. Unlike other missions, it may take more than three Zaps to destroy a target. The number of Zaps required depends on your level. If you have four or more Zaps, you will be able to fire missiles. A successful missile will award you points plus bonus Zaps, but an unsuccessful missile attempt will cost you Zaps.

If you have two or more Zaps, you can activate a payback when you are down. This ability costs two Zaps.


  • Individual, team or partners.
  • A single Zap or missile will deactivate an opponent.
  • Players do not receive a missile-warning tone, when another player obtains a missile-lock on them.
  • Low level players will not be able to lock-on to an tower unless they have enough Zaps to destroy it.
  • Level 6 players do not start the mission with enough Zaps to destroy an in-field target.
  • A player’s standard skill level determines their initial number of Zaps, maximum number of Zaps, the number of Zaps they get when they zap/missile an opponent, and the number of Zaps required to destroy a tower.


Event Score Special Points
Zap opponent 100 + 5 x level diff. 1
Zap own team -50
Missile opponent 500 + 20 x level diff. 2
Missile own team -250
Destroy Broadcast Tower 801 5

Skill Levels

Level Initial Shots
(% of Max)
Max Shots Max Shots /
Zap Opponent
Max Shots / Missile Opponent Hits Required to Destroy Target Bonus Shots / Destroy Target
1 15 30 1.0 3 5 (+3 used)
2 13 26 0.9 3 5 (+3 used)
3 11 22 0.8 3 5 (+3 used)
4 9 18 0.7 3 4 5 (+4 used)
5 9 18 0.7 3 5 5 (+5 used)
6 5 12 0.5 3 6 5 (+6 used)