How it works

Players have a limited number of lives, depending on their level. Attempt to be the last remaining Gladiator by eliminating all opponents.

The number of lives that a player begins with depends on their level. The higher the level, the fewer starting lives. When Zapped, a player is deactivated and a life is lost. When all lives have been exhausted, the player is eliminated from the mission.

Additional lives can be gained by Zapping opponents, and by destroying the Towers.


  • Individual, team or partners.
  • The visible LED on the back of the phaser will begin to flash faster when the player has six lives remaining. The faster the flashing, the fewer the lives remaining.
  • This mission will automatically end when the time limit has expired or only one player (team) remains.
  • All players are deactivated by a single shot from an opponent.


Event Score Lives Gained
Zap opponent 100 + 10 x level diff. 0.25 + 0.04 x level diff
Zap own team -50 1 Life Lost
Destroy Broadcast Tower 1001 (Enemy) or 801 (Neutral) 5

Starting Lives

Level Lives
1.Recruit 30
2. Guard 27
3. Private 23
4. Sargeant 20
5. Commander 17
6. General 15