How it works

AIM: To ‘Disrupt’ as many opponents as possible.

Players begin with 100% shield. Each hit reducers the shield energy – but it slowly recharges while ever you’re not shooting. If it reaches Zero, player is deactivated for 10 seconds and loses any powerups.

Each time you deactivate an opponent, you are awarded one ‘Disrupt’.

Powerups can be collected by zapping a tower twice. Wait 20sec to Powerup from the same tower.


Weapon Damage Ammo
Phaser 20 Unlimited
Rapid Fire 25 30
Rockets 104-130 10

Power Ups

Mission Available Powerups
DM1 Rapid Fire, Missiles, Armor, Super Health
DM2 Rapid Fire, Missiles, Armor, Super Health, Invincibility, Quad, Invulnerability
DM3/4 Rapid Fire, Missiles, Armor, Super Health, Invincibility, Quad, Invulnerability, Haste, Regeneration, Resistance, Strength


Event Score
Disrupt Opponent 1
Disrupt own team member/self -1


  • Individual, team or partners.
  • All players can obtain powerups at all towers.
  • Your battle suit will make a ‘blip’ as you are healed.
  • Players who are being missile-locked do not receive a missile warning tone.
  • Maximum 250 Health
  • A player can determine which powerup is at a tower by zapping it once and then pausing briefly, at which stage their battlesuit will announce which powerup is “available” at that tower. A further single Zap will then pick up that powerup.
  • A missed rocket counts as a near miss, and does “splash” damage to the tower, roughly equal to half of a normal rocket.
  • Down players can be repeatedly zapped while down. They are only deactivated for 4 seconds. There is a limit on the number of times this can be done.
  • If you have less than 100 health, your battlesuit lights will become dimmer with less health.
  • Zapping players on your own team damages your own shield! You can Disrupt yourself in this way.
  • Laser Turrents are not active.