The party that comes to you

Revolution Archery Tag is fully mobile!

Want to throw a party that's really different?
Maybe a School or Corporate event for team building?

Revolution Archery tag is the perfect head-to-head combat experience! Try the latest experience that's fun, safe, and exhilarating, requiring tactical judgement, awesome teamwork and of course, a good shot.



Step 1 - Pick your battlefield

You choose the venue :
Local park, oval, gym, home or work place, indoors or outdoors.

• We host events across the Illawarra (up to 40kms from Wollongong CBD).
• We bring all the equipment and prepare the field with obstacles.
• We conduct a safety induction & detailed training session before jumping in to game play.

Step 2 - Turn up and Battle!

We do the rest, ensuring your squad is kitted out and tournament ready on the day!

It's an adrenaline fuelled event as players battle against each other in a range of objective based and elimination style games, all run by our experienced hosts.
Yup, our parties really are that easy to plan!


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Why is Archery Tag perfect for your next event?

Thinking Party?

• Perfect for kids ages 8+ and groups of 10 – 20, it's an epic birthday experience, where laser tag meets Hunger Games.
• Brought to you by the party legends from Revolution Laser Arena, your hosts are seasoned party experts.
• Location, location, location. Whether it be your big backyard or local park, nothing beats a party in the great outdoors!
• It’s the newest party experience in town and the first of it’s kind in the Illawarra.

Thinking Corporate Team Building?

• An all inclusive sport that’s suitable for anyone & everyone.
• Revolution Archery Tag is a great way for your players to bond either working as a team or enjoying a bit of friendly rivalry.
• Our mobile experience can be combined with any other event and hosted at nearly any location.


Call (02) 4243 7801 BOOK ONLINE
Want to know more?

Frequently Asked Questions

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We don't mind a bit of rain if you don't! It's actually really fun when it's wet. However, if you'd prefer to postpone to another day, or cancel and refund your booking, we require 24hrs notice to let our staff know.

You're welcome to use your local council parks to play. It just needs to be a good size so to ensure a safe zone for the public, and you're respectful of other park users and council rules like normal.

We recommend between 10 – 20, but give us a call to talk about the options we have for larger events.

Trainers are a must! We recommend sporting attire or at the very least clothes that you can easily run in!

Ok, if the pictures don’t explain… It’s shooting each other with foam tipped arrows… It’s like laser tag with bows and arrows.

Anyone 8 years old or over who can draw the bow. Our bows are 20 to 28 pounds so there is some physical strength required, but most 8 year olds will be able to participate.

However, we recommend players are fairly ‘adventurous’. That means if your child cries easily and shy’s away from catching a ball then this activity may not be suitable.

Archery Tag® bow, arrows, facemask, bunkers, and 5-spot knockout targets.

The teams are separated by a 4 meter safe zone.

Not usually, those who are hit by an arrow are generally surprised not hurt!

We’re here to help! Most have never picked up a bow and arrow before playing extreme archery. Learning to shoot is quick, easy, and usually becomes intuitive and improved during gameplay.

Teams usually consist of 5-7 players.

Players line up at the end of the field with a bow in hand and one foot on the end line. When the official indicates game start, players run to the neutral zone to grab as many arrows as possible (without snatching from another player who already has possession).