Revolution League is held every Tuesday night from 7:30pm. We play the Strike Teams game with the objective of taking down your opponents and hording as much energy as possible.


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Can we wear team costumes?

Absolutely! We encourage teams to co-ordinate their outfits and stand out from the crowd. Just remember you’ll be wearing our Gen7 battle suits and we ask you keep it politically correct. Staff will enforce profanity filtering on team outfits, just as they do code names and team names.

What game format do you play?

We have now advanced to Strike Teams. This role playing format is based on the national championship game Space Marines 5. Players must choose their own role and learn to work together forming strategies unique to our arena.

How many games do I get to play?

We anticipate each team will play between 3-4 games over 1-1.5hours depending how many teams compete. Each game of Strike Teams takes 15min.

Is there a minimum age?

League is recommended for ages 15+



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