Draw your bows...take aim...FIRE!

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A hybrid mix of paintball, archery and dodgeball, Revolution Archery Tag is latest action-packed game for both adults and children providing pure adrenaline fuelled fun in a safe environment.

Go head-to-head in a combat tournament experience, requiring tactical judgement, awesome teamwork and of course, a good shot.



Birthday Parties

A party zone where legends are made.

It's adrenaline fuelled fun as players battle against each other in a range objective-based and elimination style games.

Perfect for kids ages 8+ and groups of 10 – 20, it's an epic birthday experience, where laser tag meets Hunger Games.

Kicking off bookings from the 30th September.



We Come to You

You pick the battlefield, let the Revolution come to you.

You set the location for your next party, corporate day, or school sports event. Revolution will ensure that your squad is kitted out and tournament ready. An evolving battlefield, where winner takes all.

Mobile bookings from the 6th September 2019.


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Frequently Asked Questions

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Ok, if the pictures don’t explain… It’s shooting each other with foam tipped arrows… It’s like laser tag with bows and arrows.

Anyone 8 years old or over who can draw the bow. Our bows are 20 to 28 pounds so there is some physical strength required, but most 8 year olds will be able to participate.

However, we recommend players are fairly ‘adventurous’. That means if your child cries easily and shy’s away from catching a ball then this activity may not be suitable.

Archery Tag® bow, arrows, facemask, bunkers, and 5-spot knockout targets.

The teams are separated by a 4 meter safe zone.

Not usually, those who are hit by an arrow are generally surprised not hurt!

We’re here to help! Most have never picked up a bow and arrow before playing extreme archery. Learning to shoot is quick, easy, and usually becomes intuitive and improved during gameplay.

Teams usually consist of 5-7 players.

Players line up at the end of the field with a bow in hand and one foot on the end line. When the official indicates game start, players run to the neutral zone to grab as many arrows as possible (without snatching from another player who already has possession).

Unit 1/2 Drummond St Wollongong NSW 2500.