The Story
Resistance Bunker

From the control, we are the Resistance.
Humanity’s greatest gift is its free will.
The Order has stolen that from us.

People cannot resist the Order’s instructions — and cannot speak out against them.
They are controlled and have no choice of their own.
Worse than that, they are being prepared for war.

Earth 2065

The world as we knew it is gone. The spirit of humanity struggles desperately to survive and rebuild after a deadly bacteria decimated the population. It spread down from the north where the left over nuclear radiation still lingered.

In response to the influx of refugees from the North, society in the south tore itself apart. In an attempt to immunise the population, a self appointed government called ‘The Order’ released a massive EMP (electromagnetic pulse) that delivered an immunisation straight into the population’s brain…but it also delivered something else – control. Initially a way to prevent violence, the bio-software also gave the ORDER control over the population, making them follow all commands.

But some have found a way to resist…


Order Base

From the chaos, we are the Order.
The world has changed and we must change with it.

Our technology has stopped the violence.
It has stopped the gangs, the looters, the crime.
We have brought peace.


At last the Resistance have discovered the Order Base!  Finally, they will have the chance for freedom from the Orders electromagnetic virus that allows them to control the population.
But the base is well protected by the Order Guards, Warbots and Automated Defence Turrets, not to mention other Resistance team members who have succumbed to the mind control virus.
Your mission, should you choose it, is to infiltrate the Order Base and deactivate the Fuel Tower, this is the only way to prevent the Order from continuing to broadcast the virus.
But beware there are Broadcast Towers inside the base itself and your fellow Resistance members may be taken over by the virus at any time!


These are specialised missions for those with problem solving skills.  Small bands of Resistance fighters work together to uncover the mysteries of The Tomb, The Order Lab and The DaVinci Office.  Get what you need and get out, you only have one hour!

The Story