Below you will find the answers to some of our more frequently asked questions

What is it?

Revolution Laser Arena is the next generation in live action laser gaming. Revolution is an immersive, stand alone laser tag experience – A movie set quality arena, a detailed backstory, the latest technology and a whole lot of fun!

At Revolution you are part of the story. As you play your game scores have a direct impact on the progress of the battle between the Order and the Resistance (see the Story Page).

Our advanced Laserforce Gen7 battlesuits allow all ages and skill levels to play together. With hundreds of achievements to attain and special abilities to unlock.

With the ability to check your scores, achievements and much more online, you can compete with your friends and other Laserforce players around the world.

Do I need to book?

For a family, or yourself and some friends, you can visit any time and we’ll start you in the next available mission.

How much does it cost?

The average price is $8 per 15 minute game. This can be reduced with our latest specials and membership. Check them out HERE.

Can I book a group?

The size of your group will determine if you need to book. Unless a special event is being run, like our league, you require a group of 10 or more to make a reservation.

What are the age requirements?

Revolution Laser is recommended for ages 5 and above. We have no minimum or maximum requirements but have learned through experience ages 5 and above are able to operate the equipment and handle the immersive experience (dark, smoky and loud). Laser Tag is great fun for the whole family!

Are there different missions?

Absolutely! While our Standard Teams is run the majority of the time. Special Operations can be requested by customers at any time. There also times when only Special Operations are played. You can find more information on our Missions Page.

How long is a mission?

We run a mission every 15 minutes at Revolution Laser Arena, with up to 48 players per mission. Some special missions can be played that may take longer. Check out our alternate games on our Missions Page.

When are you open?

We have now opened! Our trading hours can be found on our Contact Page.

What do I wear?

Comfortable clothing and enclosed footwear. The arena is air conditioned but you definitely work up a sweat from this sport!

When are you busiest?

Our peak time are Saturday & Sunday from open till 4pm, we often have lots of birthday parties at these times. In school holiday’s peak times are open till 2pm every day of the week.

What are the Order and Resistance?

Revolution is themed and story based. From your first visit players must choose their faction, The Order or The Resistance. Every time you play your individual score will directly impact your factions progress and in turn, the Revolution story. More information can be found on the Story Page.