Schools back and the promos are on!

School’s back on but that doesn’t mean the good times stop. Revolution is running something every weekday night we’re open, so there’s always something for everyone!



Cheap Tuesday!

From 4pm to close we’re putting on $6 missions!

Get in with a couple of mates and make the most of the awesome value!


Wednesday is Unlimited Special Ops!

From 6pm to 9pm  experience our Special Ops games!

Our Mission Specialists will teach you the advanced techniques and games to help you master the arena.

What games you say? Checkout the details here!


Drop ‘n Shop Thursday!

It’s everything the name implies, drop the kids off and enjoy your stress free shopping!

From 4pm – 9pm we’ve got unlimited missions on for $25.

We promise the kids won’t mind how long the shopping takes now!

Friday is for Families!

Get down to Revolution on Friday nights for an awesome night out for the family!

Grab a Family Pass for 3 games each for 4 family members and kick off your weekend in style! While your in you can also grab dinner from one of the many dining options at NTC, but we recommend our friends The Village!